To Taos with You

I think Adrian and I are consistently trying and figuring out new ways to piss each other off. I promise you, sometimes I find myself looking at him and thinking "I'm crazy now because of you." But then, he does something absurdly adorable that I hadn't seen before and poof, gone I forget all about the crazy nonsense. #annoying #issajoke

We took this trip this past weekend through Northern New Mexico traveling in what is called, "The Drive Around the World". And when you're from rural Northern NM, trust me when I say, this is around the world to us, our world that is. We traveled through Chimayo, Truchas, Peñasco, Vadito, Talpa, Taos, down into Embudo, Velarde, Alcalde, San Juan and home aka Española. 

This trip only takes a few hours and really is one of the most beautiful experiences I've had. Even going outside the state of NM, this drive still resonates inside me as one the greatest beauties that my eyes have ever seen. 

On this drive I became nostalgic, thinking about when I first started photographing back in high school, that one spark that changed it all for me. It was this drive, this was why I started, I remember my mother, grandmother, brother and I packing the car and venturing out to take pictures with the cottonwoods in the fall. 

"You better pay attention and take good pictures, I am gonna frame these," my mother explained. Since then I have worked my hardest to always pay attention, I guess. :)

Really a magical expierence, take a Saturday off from reality and take a drive, I 10/10 would recommend it, and if you have good company, sheesh, even better. 

Maryssa Chavez