Summer Solstice 2017

I think the reason why I feel everything so strongly, especially for those around me and even for mere strangers is because I have come to a realization: we are all one in the same. I have found myself in every person I have come to meet on my journey, in one way or another. 

Yesterday some of my best friends and I decided to attend The Vans Warped Tour, here in ABQ, where we were able to let loose for a day and rock out. Some of our favorite bands played sets through out the day and while it may have been consistently, I don't like 100 degrees outside, we still pressed on. Camel backs strapped to us, SPF 70 on our faces and a time schedule in hand we ventured out into the day. 

This was my fourth year attending Warped Tour and in truth it just doesn't get old, I still have as much fun if not more fun now at the age of 20 as I did when I was 17 (not implying that I am old and wise or something). Every year I always see people whom are so drawn to the music that these bands create, that they would do anything to attend this event. At this day long event I see so many people from so many walks of life, so many people at different places in this journey of life. And while many people have a weird preconceived idea upon what, "heavy metal" music is all about, I am going to just throw it our there that, metal music speaks great measures if you would only just pay attention and listen. 

This music brings people out of some dark places, and speaks for those who feel voiceless. It brings people to tears because the message and the feelings that are evoked, through the pure passion, and music is so strong and so real. Trust me, I am one of those people (yes, I have cried in the pit).  

Tonight I am sending love and understanding, and praying for healing tonight to those around our world who feel like the outcasts, the forgotten and the unwanted. Here I am saying this: YOU ARE LOVED BEYOND WORDS. Created with purpose, and placed on the earth to fulfill something great.

Whatever you believe in, whatever your race is, whatever your sexual orientation is, your political stance, your gender, you are free. Free to be you, free to dress how you want, love who you love. 

Your pain is valid, and don't you ever let someone tell you otherwise. 


". . .Every last one an eternal being
So I’ll reject your fear and hatred
For I bring Good News that will be for all nations!
I’ve seen wholeness in the broken
I’ve seen health in the sick
Why do we stifle the Word You’ve spoken?
If it kills me, I’ll tear these walls down brick by brick
I’ve seen hospitality in the homeless
I’ve seen Light in the darkness
And I’ve seen hope in the damned
So if all that has meant the most to me isn’t present after my last breath
Count me with the fallen sheep and send me to the depths. . ."

- Being as an Ocean, If They're Not Counted, Count Me Out



Maryssa Chavez